Hello! Well it has been a very intense month since I got back. It is cold and wintery in Melbourne, and my mood soon fell into one of melancholy after all the excitement and build up of my fabulous trip. There is a lot of follow up work involved when you get home from all the contacts made at Surtex, and I had the extra dilemma of seriously needing to update my website. For someone very new to web design, this is no mean feat, so it was a very sluggish few weeks sending lots of emails, and building a more user friendly password protected section of my site. I think it paid off though, as I am much happier with the new site. Pretty spiffy now, if I do say so myself!

In the midst of all that I got a delightful email from a school in the Phillipines, that were so inspired by my Lovely Ink Project inspirational quote poster, that they wanted to use it as a huge mural for their school, to inspire their students on their path of learning. How incredibly honoured I felt! Of course I said yes!! Here is a pic of it before and after. It is on the stairs on the way to the library, and the senior art students also helped to paint it, they are quite masterful! This is my version, and theirs below. It truly warms my heart.

Anyway, I hope you like the new website!

Until next time friends…xx